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More then 3200 different "old action" from many countries.

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Plus de 3200 differents aciers totres provenant de nombreux pays.

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What are old stock

Old stocks such as securities, bonds, jouissance, etc. are evidence establishing securities and usually have more economic value.

The collection of old securities are also called scripophily.

Some old securities are real art pieces. Generally, the securities of companies that have been abolished, taken over or declared insolvent.

The collector is therefore the historic value, which is determined by the reputation of the company, the amount of issued documents and the appearance of the piece. Even the ever recurring "crises" around for many interesting public companies.

Also autograph hunters increasingly the value of old securities.

Partly because historic old securities are a popular collectible whose popularity is still rising. Because of the digital area the world of old stock virtually closed.

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I have many Lots from RUSSIA. The Lot what you buy can have a different number. The quality is equivalent or better

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